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Media relations services from Evoke StrategyKnowing how to craft a story and understanding the media are the best ways to get news coverage for your business. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Fortunately, we know how it’s done.

How We Can Help

To get news coverage, you have to truly “get” the news and reporters. And lucky for you, we do. We’ve been pitching reporters all over the country for more than 15 years and we understand the kinds of stories they write and how they work. From identifying the story to creating media materials to pitching to your target media, we can put together a media campaign that not only raises awareness, but positions you as an industry expert.

But it doesn't end there

We don’t believe in sending a press release and hoping it sticks. We carefully select the media outlets based on your target audiences and overall business goals. That means we might be pitching local media, industry trade publications, bloggers or national media. Or, it might be all of the above. We also conduct follow-up calls and emails to best pitch your story. We want the chance to talk to reporters and really explain why they should write about your business.

And, it still doesn’t end there...

We also coordinate interviews and prep you or your spokesperson, and can conduct media training. We take your media relations campaign from start to coverage.

Why Media Relations?

Media relations raises awareness, absolutely. But, it also positions you as an industry leader with implied third party credibility. Think about it, a review or friend’s referral means so much more than an ad on TV, right? Media coverage works the same way.

Evoke’s Media Relations Services:

  • Identify and develop key messages
  • Craft news – not sales – stories
  • Identify target media and create media lists
  • Develop a media kit
  • Write and distribute press releases and media alerts
  • Pitch stories and conduct follow-up email and call outreach
  • Coordinate interviews
  • Prep or media train spokespeople
  • Identify opportunities to give news coverage “legs”

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