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PR Agency Services from Evoke StrategyBuilding your reputation and awareness. Enhancing your communications. Positioning you as a thought leader within your target audience.

How It Works

At the start of every public relations campaign we create a strategic plan that ties back to your business objectives and clearly targets your audience. From here we conduct ongoing targeted outreach, while continuing to follow trends and come to you with new ideas and recommendations.

We start by analyzing your key audiences, identifying your differentiators and taking a deep look into your business objectives. From here, we create a strategic plan that includes targeted messages, and clearly laid out initiatives that all work toward meeting your goals. Our next step? Implement that plan and show you results.

But There's More...

One of our first steps is to take a deep look into your target audiences, your differentiators and most importantly, your business objectives. From there we create and implement a PR plan that includes key messages that will help you clearly tell your story, and strategically planned tactics that can include everything from media relations to content development to leadership profiling.

What is Public Relations?

Defining public relations is no simple task – even to those of who have been in the business for years. Some may say it’s having a bit of an identity crisis with digital stealing all its glory. At its core, PR is all about raising awareness and establishing you and your business as a credible industry expert.

Whether conducted through media relations, leadership profiling, direct communication, social media or some combination, PR has a place in almost every marketing campaign – even those focused online. From helping you create clear, distinct messages to reaching out to your target audiences either directly or through the media, Evoke Strategy can help identify your public relations needs and provide and implement the tools needed to meet your goals.

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