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Social media marketing and management from Evoke StrategyTargeted Social Media strategies, focused on growing your brand digitally and achieving your business objectives.

What are your needs?

Do you need to grow your social media followers? Do you struggle to effectively communicate with existing followers? Is it a challenge to communicate effectively across multiple social media platforms? Evoke helps you find the best course of action for your business, and streamlines the social media marketing process for you.

Where are your customers?

Not every social media platform deserves 100% of your attention. We research where your customers are most likely to be, and then test multiple marketing strategies in order to best reach potential customers. Certain social media platforms make sense for specific businesses, others do not. Put your time, and money, toward the most effective channels and start seeing a return on your social media efforts.

What Does This All Mean?

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the catchall term for a few different areas of social media: building your fans/followers, connecting with them (social media management), and managing paid marketing efforts on social media.

Social Media Management

Creating social media profiles is seen as a necessity. And while it is important to have as many touch points as possible for customers to reach you, a barren, lifeless social media site is a poor reflection on your business. After you have put in the work to create these social sites and build up a fan base, how are you utilizing social media to interact and connect with your fans? Evoke builds strategy into social media management, along with our messaging, where we can create and implement the management of your social media sites, ensuring that communication is relevant, reflects your brand, and connects with your fans and followers.

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