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Mobile marketing solutions from Evoke StrategyReaching mobile users is paramount for digital survival. See how Evoke helps build your mobile presence and reaches the right users at the right time.

What Is Mobile Marketing?

You need to be found and accessible by mobile users. Mobile search is greater than desktop, and growing. The basics are – you need a responsive, or mobile-accessible, website. After that, you need to create compelling marketing messages that can be seen and resonate on mobile devices. Then you need a sales funnel or lead generation funnel that works for mobile. If you have a digital product it needs to work on all mobile devices. Is the pattern clear? If you’re not thinking mobile-first, you’re going to be left behind.

How We Help

We help you analyze your current online presence and optimize it for an ideal mobile and desktop experience. From website development, paid online advertising, social media marketing, SEO, lead generation and more – Evoke is your partner to craft a marketing experience that works for your users.

Is Mobile Marketing Important?

If you are a local business, an online storefront, a news site or blog, or many other types of businesses, yes. Even more so if you are looking to reach a global audience. Does this mean you need an App specifically for your business? Probably not.

What Does Mobile Marketing Encompass?

Mobile marketing is any type of marketing to mobile device users. This may be as simple as your email newsletter. Or may be more complex, as a PPC remarketing campaign to iPhone users that visited a certain page of your website. Essentially, any outbound or on-site marketing that reaches a user through their mobile device is mobile marketing.

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