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Content marketing from Evoke StrategyDeveloping unique, quality content that effectively communicates your core brand message is extremely important in today’s marketing environment. With so many platforms available, the attention you ask of your customers is competing with messages coming at them from every angle.

For a local business, it is essential, but extremely time consuming to maintain a consistent presence across multiple communication channels. Evoke strives to streamline and structure your content and how you communicate it into a manageable plan.

Blogging & Website Content

Your website content must reflect your brand, satisfy your customers’ needs, and fulfill search engine optimization goals, while being unique, interesting and clear. Often websites take a direct sales approach, which is understandable, but not always the best means to build and help your customer base. In addition, there is a great deal of pressure on businesses to create fresh content for their website via blogs and articles. This ‘freshness’ helps with your search engine rankings. Many local businesses struggle with finding the time and resources to properly develop and optimize their website content.

Infographics & Whitepapers

Publishing research, studies and information in an easy-to-digest format is a great way to promote your business. You can create image-rich infographics and data-rich whitepapers that can be downloaded from your website. Or use them to incentivize a newsletter signup. Or share via social media to help expand your reach. Some businesses worry that publishing and putting this information out free to the public is detrimental – that they are giving away the house. But the possibility to expand your reach, through a well-drafted infographic or whitepaper, can pay off in dividends over time. If you have valuable information that potential customers would want, publish it and share it, and reap the benefits.

Publishing To Social Media

Once you create unique, shareable content, you need to world to see it. Our Content Marketing coupled with our Social Media Marketing services help to promote and share your content and gain you valuable readers, followers and buyers. Promoting your content is key to building awareness, and a core component of a content marketing strategy.

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