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Struggling to market your local business online? We created this handy infographic to help get you started! Don’t want to read the infographic? Scroll down for the summary:

Online Marketing Guide For Businesses

Struggling to find a plan for marketing your business? Check out our 9-Step Guide to get you started.

  1. Get a Website
    – make it mobile friendly
    – add webmaster tools and analytics
    – use Hostgator for hosting
  1. Have a reason for people to contact you
    – guide/information that only you can create
    – email capture/lead form
    – free consultation
    – giveaway
  1. Submit it everywhere you can. Make sure information is consistent.
    – Google My Business
    – Yelp
    – Angie’s List
    – Bing Business listing
    – FourSquare
    MOZ Local makes it easy
  1. Claim Social profiles
    – Facebook
    – Google+/Google My Business
    – LinkedIn
    – Twitter
    – Instagram
    – Pinterest
    – Tumblr
  1. Use Canva for graphic design
  1. Contribute to groups:
    – Facebook Groups
    – LinkedIn Groups
    – Quora
    – Gravatar
  1. Create and share great content
    – Content that solves problems
    – Share it across all your social channels
  1. Get Reviews and Referrals
    – Google+/Google My Business
    – Facebook
    – Industry review sites
  1. Build Upon Your Success

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