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Welcome to Evoke Ideas, where we publish our Six On Success entrepreneur blog series along with articles covering a variety of marketing topics. We highlight business owners and expand upon marketing tools, techniques and news relevant to local business owners. Topics covered include search engine optimization, public relations, online advertising, social media and more. Join us and share your ideas here.

How Should I Advertise My Business?

Odds are you’re inundated daily with people telling you how and where to spend your money on advertising. Some ‘guru’ or friend-of-a-friend hit it big, and you should do exactly what they did. “I’ll show you how to be an Instagram millionaire!” Or, “you should put all...

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B2B – Getting Leads for Your Business

Service businesses can struggle through growth periods. Without an outbound sales force, or a list of potential contacts, options are fairly limited. One company found a unique way to ramp up their inbound leads through online marketing, but it wasn’t as...

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PR Tips: How To Get Press For Your Business

Want to rise above other businesses? Do your own PR and reach out to news outlets. Here's a quick guide to help you get started:   5 Tips for Successfully Pitching a News Story Become a news junkie.  This is the best advice we can give to someone trying to learn...

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Are You Automating With Zapier?

If you're not yet familiar, Zapier connects all your disparate web services, handling tasks that you would normally do manually. There are tons of great articles on using Zapier to help automate your marketing. We want to focus on a few that may matter most to you....

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How To Market Your Business Online

Struggling to market your local business online? We created this handy infographic to help get you started! Don't want to read the infographic? Scroll down for the summary: Get a Website - make it mobile friendly - add webmaster tools and analytics - use Hostgator for...

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Entering Year Two

We haven't really talked about it yet, or even celebrated it, but Evoke Strategy is so proud to have entered into our second year in business!  Our first year anniversary came and went quietly - a good indication of where we are right now. Busy, serving clients,...

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Six on Success, Ester Venouziou, LocalShops1

Ester Venouziou, LocalShops1 Founder, Live Local! Editor Ester Venouziou, founder of LocalShops1 and editor of the LocalShops1 magazine, Live Local! Ester knows how to turn a passion for helping local businesses succeed, into a business of her own. She started...

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Six on Success, Carlyn Neuman, 360 Realty

Carlyn Neuman, Owner, Agent 360 Realty Carlyn Neuman is a triple threat – she’s a business owner, realtor and attorney, giving her clients at 360 Realty insight and expertise they’d have trouble finding elsewhere. This isn’t Carlyn’s first business – she opened the...

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