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Welcome to Evoke Ideas, where we publish our Six On Success entrepreneur blog series along with articles covering a variety of marketing topics. We highlight business owners and expand upon marketing tools, techniques and news relevant to local business owners. Topics covered include search engine optimization, public relations, online advertising, social media and more. Join us and share your ideas here.

Why Local Store Marketing Matters

Whether you own a small business or you're a marketing professional for a large corporation, local store marketing is an important component in your marketing toolkit. Without focusing on local marketing efforts and strategies, your business can miss out on customer...

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6 Unique Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Without marketing, you not going to draw in new investors, customers, or clients. Small businesses often face a budget issue, meaning marketing can fall by the wayside in order to spend revenues on other areas of the business. Effective marketing - and the use of your...

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Get Better Lead Generation Results

One of the biggest challenges that marketing teams face is generating quality leads that convert into sales. Whether you’re a new business or you have a well-established company, lead generation is as important as ever in today’s competitive marketplace. There are...

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31 Dental Marketing Ideas the Pros Use

Check out this article on marketing your dental practice from FitSmallBusiness, which includes a tip from our co-founder, Devon. By Anna Dizon on March 8, 2018 Need more patients for your dental practice? We’ve compiled a list of the top 31 dental marketing ideas the...

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Facebook Business News Feed Changes | How to Adapt

Facebook is overhauling their news feed and, if you rely on reaching Facebook followers from your business page, you will likely be impacted. Knowing this, we put together a plan on how to cope with these changes and help you develop a strategy for the future. What is...

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B2B – Getting Leads for Your Business

Service businesses can struggle through growth periods. Without an outbound sales force, or a list of potential contacts, options are fairly limited. One company found a unique way to ramp up their inbound leads through online marketing, but it wasn’t as...

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PR Tips: How To Get Press For Your Business

Want to rise above other businesses? Do your own PR and reach out to news outlets. Here's a quick guide to help you get started:   5 Tips for Successfully Pitching a News Story Become a news junkie.  This is the best advice we can give to someone trying to learn...

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Are You Automating With Zapier?

If you're not yet familiar, Zapier connects all your disparate web services, handling tasks that you would normally do manually. There are tons of great articles on using Zapier to help automate your marketing. We want to focus on a few that may matter most to you....

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