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2018/2019 Scholarship Award Update

3/19/19 Update: Please note that due to the overwhelming response (which is wonderful!), we are working to read through all of the scholarship entries in order to award a recipient. This is taking longer than anticipated and we appreciate your patience. Thank you! ~Evoke Strategy
Evoke Strategy LLC (“Evoke Strategy”) is a leading PR and digital marketing firm in Tampa, Florida. Our professionalism, dedication to customers, and knowledge of both traditional and digital marketing allow us to help businesses and entrepreneurs grow and expand.

We are dedicated to being experts in our field, in terms of servicing our clients’ needs and providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. In line with this, we will do our part to usher in the next generation of professional writers. To help do so, Evoke Strategy is offering an annual Five Hundred Dollar ($500) scholarship to one (1) U.S. undergraduate student studying English, writing or public relations. Will it be you?

We want to see how you’re making a mark on the world. In order to apply, submit your most evocative writing or undergraduate work from the past year—a project, study, or paper—it’s up to you to determine your submission. Just show us your best work!

Scholarship details are listed below. This is your opportunity to get recognized for your writing and get a little cash to help fund your education.


Applicants to the Writing Scholarship must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Currently attend a U.S. college or university with a focus in English, Writing, Public Relations or Marketing (or the equivalent);
  • Have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.25, evidenced by the submission of an official transcript; and
  • Submit one writing-related piece of undergraduate work from the past year.

Submissions must include applicant’s full name and university (.edu) email address, which will be used to contact the applicant if the applicant is ultimately selected as the recipient.

Application Process:

Email an image/document of your official transcript, full name, university (.edu) email address, and writing-related project to us at scholarship@evokestrategy.com with the subject line, “Evoke-ative Scholarship Application.”


Submissions must be submitted by December 31st, annually.

The recipient will be selected by March 15th, annually.

Disbursement awarded by May 1st, annually.

Terms and Conditions:

Our Writing Scholarship will be disbursed directly to the recipient’s educational institution, which must match the provided (.edu) email address. The scholarship money is intended to provide funding for the recipient’s college education and may not be transferred to a third party or be used for unrelated purposes. School enrollment and scholarship qualifications will be verified after a recipient is selected. We may contact the recipient directly to verify any further personal or educational information needed, including information required to deposit the scholarship funds into the recipient’s school account. Only one (1) recipient will be selected per year out of the applicant pool, and the recipient shall be selected in the sole discretion of Evoke Strategy. An application is only valid for the year it is timely submitted; a non-selected applicant may re-apply in future years; no recipient may re-apply in future years.  Any interpretation or construction of these rules, terms, and conditions shall be in the sole discretion of Evoke Strategy and shall be final and binding.

All application materials submitted become the property of Evoke Strategy and none will be returned.  Employees of Evoke Strategy and their family members are not eligible to apply.

Evoke Strategy reserves the right to withhold the scholarship award if the recipient no longer meets eligibility requirements at the time of disbursement. Evoke Strategy also reserves the right to withhold scholarship disbursement should no applicant meet the scholarship requirements.  Finally, Evoke Strategy reserves the right to review the terms, conditions, and procedures of this scholarship program and to make changes at any time, including but not limited to termination of the program.

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