Check out this article on social media marketing for your chiropractic practice from Chiropractic Economics, which includes advice from our co-founder, Devon.

Start with these small steps for kicking off your Facebook marketing for your small business

More than 1.6 billion people as Facebook users are currently connected to at least one small business via their personal profiles. That makes this social media platform a great place for doctors of chiropractic to spend some time if the goal is to build stronger relationships with patients and prospective patients alike.

But just creating a business page isn’t enough to get others interested in the services you provide. You also need to make that page so compelling that people not only want to like and follow it – and it also entices them to take the next step and make you part of their trusted and respected health care team.

The question that many DCs struggle with is how to do this, or how to utilize their Facebook pages in a way that actually helps them grow their practices. That’s why we reached out to a few marketers to get their input on this topic.

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