If you’re not yet familiar, Zapier connects all your disparate web services, handling tasks that you would normally do manually.

There are tons of great articles on using Zapier to help automate your marketing. We want to focus on a few that may matter most to you.

Add Email Contacts to MailChimp (or any other email service provider)

zapier gmail to mailchimp automation

If you’d like, you can add new senders directly into your ESP with Zapier. If customers always email a certain account, or use specific words in their subject line, you can make specific Zaps to add them directly to your email list.

Speed Up Social Media Posting

share social posts across all networksThere are literally 101 ways to use Zapier to automate some social media tasks. Most importantly, you can, typically natively, share updates across all of your social media profiles – on nearly every social media platform.

Monitor Your Brand Online

You can set Zapier to ‘listen’ to social media for brand mentions or specific keywords or phrases, and get a direct notice via email or SMS. Sometimes timeliness is everything, and getting that notification may get or save a customer, taking your customer service to the next level.

These are three simple ways you can start automating manual tasks today. We use Zapier in our digital marketing campaigns to help route leads to our client’s CRM or sales team. Once you delve into Zapier, you may end up automating your entire life.


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