Creating an effective marketing strategy may seem overwhelming with plenty of marketing platforms, various channels, and a wide range of audience segments to target with diverse messages and offers to consider. In addition to the challenges of making the right choice in this extensive range of options, many companies make it even harder to achieve their marketing goals by repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Of course, mistakes go hand-in-hand with starting and doing new things like social media marketing for your business. And when it comes to social media mistakes, no one is exempt, not even B2B companies. Here are a few of the most common mistakes we’ve come across.

  1. Not Having a Clear Strategy

Many B2B companies post on social media without a clearly defined strategy. Many may argue that doing something is better than nothing – and in some cases, this can hold true but, when it comes to social media posting, we always recommend having a strategy in place. Many companies simply jump onto social media because they know they need to be there. Rather than taking the time to consider which platforms could truly be beneficial to them, they sign up for every platform they know is popular. 

  1. Focusing Too Much on Your Company

Many B2B companies often focus on pitching how their services and company are great. While it’s fantastic that you’re an excellent company, your prospects don’t want to hear that. When prospects visit your site or see your social accounts, they care about one thing –How will you help them? They want to know how your products or services solve their problems or make their lives easier.

When your B2B content marketing uses the same language your customers speak, you’re more likely to strike a chord and build a rapport with them off the bat.

  1. Not Considering the Influencers You’re Targeting

While the businesses are your direct customers, it’s important to remember that certain people within the company are in charge of making decisions. In order to maximize new sales, you need to connect with these influencers. 

Within a B2B company, there are typically influencers and decision-makers. While decision-makers may have the ultimate say in what purchases are made, influencers understand the problems, struggles, and difficulties the business faces each day

The main factor in your social media success is whether or not you’re able to make lasting connections with your target audience. If you’re unable to stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of an engaged group of followers, you won’t have any luck convincing them to purchase from you.

  1. Not Knowing the Right Social Network For Your Business

Not knowing the right social network for your business. Just because your friends are on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter, does not mean you have to.  You have to figure out what social network works well and what does not for your company.  For some companies, these social networks are not right for their business, and you can waste a lot of time on them too. 

Each time you post on social media, you need to display a clear brand personality. This should reflect who you are and what you do and give a voice to your company that your target audience can connect with.

One of the most prolific mistakes made by B2B companies is simply neglecting social media with the impression that it shouldn’t be a priority. With the fluidity of social media, there are so many opportunities to try and test out new social strategies to distinguish what works best for your company. 

Are you guilty of some of these mistakes? If your B2B social media strategy needs attention contact us at Evoke Strategy. We’ve been partnering with B2B clients for seven years to help them do just this.


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